Mini Buffet

(15 Pax And Above)
(50 Pax And Above)

What Is Mini Buffet? 

Perfect Match Mini Buffet comes in disposable trays that are dropped off at your event location. We provide disposable plates, cutlery and serviettes for our Mini Buffet In KL & Selangor.
Halal Certified Selangor Mini Buffet

Mini Buffet VS Normal Buffet 

What makes Perfect Match Mini Buffets different from normal buffets is that buffets require set up while mini buffets don’t.

Mini Buffets are hassle free. This means that you do not need a huge space for the buffet tables to be set up. This means that mini buffets are great for any cosy home or office party.

What Kind Of Events Are Mini Buffets Suited For? 

Perfect Match Mini Buffet is perfect for events with a smaller number of people like housewarming parties or gathering.

Buffets typically cater for a larger quantity of people.

Also, mini buffets are great if you have limited space as they take up a much smaller space as compared to a full buffet set up.

Perfect Match Mini Buffet

Mini Buffet 0001
Mini Buffet 0002
Mini Buffet 0003
Mini Buffet 0004

Perfect Match Catering
Food Safety Commitment:

Perfect Match Food Safety And Hygiene
The Health And Safety Of Perfect Match Catering Customers Is Our Utmost Priority.

In Light Of The Covid-19 Situation, Perfect Match Catering Has Reinforced The Existing Rules For Food Safety, Personal Hygiene And Infection Control Which Will Reduce The Risk Of Any Virus Spreading.

Our Measures Include:
1) Staffs Temperature Checked Before They Start Work
2) Our Staffs Wear Masks All Time During Food Preparations And Delivery
3) Staff Wash Hands Before Preparing Food And Packing Food
4) All Food Ingredients Are Sourced From Suppliers With Strict Health & Safety Measures

Our Precautions Are To Ensure All Our Customers Can Consume Food With Utmost Confidence.