Why Do You Need Live Station Buffet Catering For Your Event In KL, Malaysia?

To plan an event, let it be a wedding, a festive occasion or a corporate annual dinner, can get as tedious as expected. With many details to work on to make the event successful, one needs to be extremely meticulous in every aspect of the event planning, including the food planning. Considerably, for every host, the food planning is one that they would prioritise the most to ensure every guest they have leaves with a content heart and filled belly. 

One of the most popular choices of event catering in recent times is the halal live station buffet amongst those living in KL, Malaysia. We understand that choosing the right style of food catering that fulfils the ideas and preferences in your mind can seem impossible for many. Worry not though as today, we are going to look into what is live station buffet catering, the diverse halal choices you can have and the gain from having this style of buffet in your event. Let’s go!

What is a Halal Live Station Buffet Catering in KL, Malaysia for Events?

We all know how it rolls, we stand in a long queue, grab our plates as we wait for the person ahead to move along the buffet line and choose the dishes that are already prepared hours ahead on a bunch of trays. So how is it any different you ask with the live station buffet catering? Instead of trays, you would be seeing different stalls stationed for you to pick your preferred meals and the food would be prepared right there and then for you to meal on. 

Several advantages come with a live station buffet catering option, and we will have a look at that aspect later on. 

With halal live stations catering buffets being in demand for events in KL, Malaysia, needless to say, the expectation of a diversified menu is there. At Perfect Match Catering, we offer two sets of menu options with six stalls for the halal live stations to pick from. While making a decision on which set to go for, best that you keep in mind a few things such as your budget, your guest's diversity and the number of guests, and dietary preferences if any. 

As we are known for wedding catering in Malaysia, we have always made it a point to remind the groom and bride of the points mentioned above amongst other things to ensure they have a smooth experience that eases their wedding planning process. 

The first menu option is a Malaysian-style buffet menu, where you can pick from variations of noodles, rice dishes, noodle soup choices, bites and desserts of Malaysia’s favourite food that you can find. From Penang's famous Prawn Fried Kuey Teow, Biryani with Rendang chicken and Dhal vegetable curry, Ipoh Hor Fun, Popiah and Fruit Rojak, Satay, Ice Kacang and Cendol, your guests would be floating on cloud nine after enjoying such delicacies. 

The second menu option is better if you’ve guests who prefer a mix of all food, a Fusion Style Stall Buffet menu that encompasses both Western and Asian dishes that can satisfy all types of crowds. On this menu, we have salads with assorted vegetables and salad 

dressings to choose from, and a grill stall for salmon, lamb or chicken chop, also prawn. Selection of Asian noodles such as Penang Asam Laksa and Western options of Spaghetti are also available accompanied by bites and desserts they can indulge in throughout the event. 

Now we are going to jump right into why a live station buffet catering would suit your event in KL, Malaysia

Halal Live Station Buffet Catering in KL, Malaysia Takes Your Event Up a Notch

The first thing you would need to keep in mind is that your event is an experience that your guests would be entering in, hence one should also allow the gastronomical journey throughout the celebration and party. 

One way of looking at how a live station buffet catering in your event in KL, Malaysia can change the entire ballgame is that it creates an engagement and excitement for your guests and even the hosts to cherish as a memorable part of the event. Watching the chefs prepare the food fresh triggers all senses in the body that create an impact while indulging in the food, so that’s a key point to consider in your decision. 

Additionally, hosting your event with a halal live station buffet catering in KL, Malaysia also helps to keep the momentum going throughout the event, with interactions between guests easily sparked while they wait for their food at the stall. It can be an ice-breaking approach for events that may have many guests who are not familiar with one another, creating conversations over the dishes they’ve picked or are thinking about next. 

With fresh and warm food served to guests with various delicacies to select and have their energy going on with a joyful and fun vibe throughout the event, picking a halal live station buffet will have people talking for long after the party ends and that’s how a host would like to be remembered.  As one of the most preferred choices for halal buffet catering services, Perfect Match event catering in Malaysia is more than ready to bring that to your party and make everlasting memories for everyone's tastebuds!

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