Chinese Course Meal for a Traditional Wedding Banquet: What To Expect & Catering Services in KL

Steeped in tradition, traditional  Chinese wedding banquets aim to bring together families and friends to commemorate the union of the bride and groom together with their families. Thus, the event holds significance culturally making it a necessity to follow the specific customs and practices that may vary across the ethnicity. However, there are underlying similarities that are followed in this grand celebration. 

Looked at as a symbol of social status and family prosperity, it goes without saying the grandeur and scale of the banquet could go as it reflects upon the family’s wealth and social standing. Aside from celebrating the couple, guests are invited to partake in the family’s happiness and prosperity, inviting more blessings through their toasts of happiness. 

A note to take is that a traditional Chinese wedding banquet revolves around symbolism, including the dishes picked from the wedding catering services, and if you’re in KL, finding a halal wedding catering service can be slightly tedious at times. Let’s take a look at how a Chinese wedding banquet can look and the symbolism that comes from those dishes before going into detail with the halal choices from Perfect Match Catering Service and arrangements of Chinese Wedding Banquet from us!

Chinese Wedding Banquet Course Meal from Catering Services in KL

If you’ve attended a few Chinese traditional banquets by now, you’d have noticed that there would be between eight to nine dishes served excluding the dessert. Many would know that 8 is a significant number, considered lucky as it rhymes with the words “to prosper", “good luck” and “fertility” and the number 9 with “long life”. The dishes selected also have symbolism that reflects upon blessings, abundance, prosperity and longevity for the couple to begin the new phase of their lives. 

For instance, roasted duck represents fidelity, and when served as a whole, reflects the peace, union and wholeness of the couple’s marriage. It is roasted to red, it is also regarded as good luck and a blessing for the marriage. As fish has a similar pronunciation to abundance, it is no surprise that it is a big must in a catering menu in Malaysia for Chinese wedding banquets.

Perfect Match Catering’s Wedding Catering Services in KL for Chinese Banquet Course Meal

Living in a harmonious diverse community in Malaysia, catering to all your guests can be easy when you pick a halal catering service. Perfect Match Catering as one of the best wedding catering service companies in KL has various options when it comes to the menus, and lucky for you, we are well experienced in catering Chinese Banquet course meals with two menu options to pick from here.  

Experts in event catering in Malaysia, our Chinese course meal menu gives the bliss of indulging in traditional Chinese dining with dishes that signify all the deeply rooted beliefs held by tradition. 

The menu features a selection of dishes, including choices between chicken and duck, as well as different styles of prawn preparation. This allows you to customize the meal to match your guests' preferences, with a minimum order of 20 tables.

The cooking and food preparation by Perfect Match Catering would be done on-site, meaning the venue of the event, assuring the dishes served would be freshly made to serve your guests. Safe to say, you’d be least worried about any misfortune to occur with your banquet when you hire a halal wedding catering service in KL with Perfect Match Catering. 

Why Chinese Banquet for Weddings are Important - Choose Perfect Match Catering Service in KL

With a display of respect and gratitude, the newly wedded couples get an opportunity to display their respect and gratitude, a homage to their parents for the upbringing and support that have gotten them to that point of life. Various rituals and toasts, games even are part of the banquet to highlight all the above.  

In addition to the symbolism, Chinese wedding banquets foster bonds and strengthen relationships. They provide an opportunity for family members and friends to come together, reconnect, and build stronger ties. 

It's a time for the couple to introduce their families to one another formally, making the banquet a significant social event in the Chinese calendar. Beyond the families, it also serves as a chance for the couple to thank and involve close friends on their special day.

In conclusion, traditional Chinese wedding banquets are not just about the union of two people but also about the unity of two families and the broader community. These banquets are an embodiment of cultural values, social significance, and a rich tapestry of symbolism. 

They are celebrations of love, respect, prosperity, and relationships, and they hold a cherished place in Chinese culture, connecting the past with the present and carrying forward the traditions of generations.


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