Top 5 Malaysian Breakfast Items That You Should Order For Your Next Breakfast Meeting!

1. Nasi Lemak

This is hands down every Malaysian’s favourite breakfast as Nasi Lemak provides the right amount of Carbs, Protein and Fat. The beauty of Nasi Lemak is you can even add fried chicken or daging rendang. Pair it with a cup of tea or coffee and it makes the perfect breakfast meal.

2. Roti Jala

This is another favourite. Roti Jala is usually served with chicken curry. This simple meal is light and savoury. Usually served in sets of three or four pieces, roti jala is the perfect substitute for rice.

3. Sandwiches

You cannot go wrong with serving sandwiches for breakfast. For those who prefer to have bread in the morning, sandwiches are a good option. The more common breakfast sandwiches are egg sandwiches, tuna sandwiches and, ham and cheese sandwiches. Choose between the three types or serve all three!

4. Curry Puff

Spiral curry puffs are a popular snack for us Malaysians. The deep-fried crispy pastry with spicy, savoury fillings hits the right spot, every time. Curry puffs usually come with a variety of fillings including potatoes, sardine, and minced meat.

5. Nyonya Kuih

If a savoury breakfast is not your cup of tea, opt for a sweeter start to the day by having an assortment of Nyonya Kuih for your breakfast meeting. Some of the favourite kuihs are kuih lapis, ondeh-ondeh, kuih dadar, kuih salat and pulut seri muka. Incorporating a good breakfast at a breakfast meeting is a simple way to keep employees happy. Starting the morning off right with breakfast will ensure your employees are geared up to take on the day like a champion. If you require help with nourishments for your meeting, we can definitely help!

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